Theory of Inventive
Problem Solving

A guide for Level 1 certification
by the International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ)

Written by TRIZ professionals, compliant with the certification requirements of the International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ)

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About the authors
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Gain knowledge and tools for creative problem solving

Everyone interested in a systematic and algorithmic approach to creative problem solving may learn the material required to obtain the Level 1 of MATRIZ certification. The book shows how to become an experienced creative problem solver through practical exercises. Individuals, who have already obtained the MATRIZ Level 1 certificate, will find a systematized knowledge in the textbook, as well as new, real life examples. Readers will learn both the tools for identifying and analyzing the right creative problems as well as the tools for quickly developing effective solutions.

Knowledge about modern TRIZ has never been so easy to acquire!

Table of Contents

About the authors
2. Introduction to the TRIZ based Systematic Problem-solving method
3. Function Analysis for Products
4. Introduction to Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
5. Trimming for Products
6. Engineering Contradictions and the Contradiction Matrix
7. Physical Contradictions and the System Operator
9. Engineering system resources – introduction*
Appendix 1. Biography of Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller – the creator of TRIZ
Appendix 2. The List of 40 Inventive Principles
Appendix 3 Application of Engineering (System) Contradictions and Altshuller’s Matrix
Appendix 4. Physical Contradiction Resolution
Appendix 5. Interpretation of typical parameters in the Contradiction Matrix
Appendix 6. The Statistics of Elementary Functions in Engineering System Models
Appendix 7. Types of Resources
Appendix 8. Overview of the selected problem-solving tools

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